Clans United

The Community Gaming League

Clans United Anti-Cheat Policy

Clans United (CU) takes cheat free gaming very seriously. Under no circumstances is cheating allowed or condoned. We undertake to check new and existing players to the best of our ability, using all tools available to us, for example, PBBans and other account checking sites.

We hope that clans will provide any information needed in order for us to check those players.

Clans United streams all match servers to PBBans with the 'Enforce Bans' flag and external bans lists enabled. It would be practical if a team account could be created on PBBans in the event of CU servers being unavailable, if not, matches would have to be postponed. Streaming non-match serversĀ  to PBBans or another streaming group is desirable (but not mandatory), and demonstrates a commitment to cheat free gaming.

If a player is banned by CU for cheating they will be banned from all CU games, including any future games CU might support. This covers bans for a game other than the one they are registered for in CU. Any evidence of a player admitting to cheating will also be investigated.

Should clans subsequently kick a player from their clan for cheating, then CU should be notified, so that appropriate action can be taken to prevent that player from trying to play in CU again. This shouldn't be seen as a failing, no clan can be 100% sure of all their players, but you can help the community by letting CU know and providing the evidence.

Working together we can keep CU a clean league.