Clans United

The Community Gaming League

Welcome to Clans United, a small, private but friendly league.


From its original founding as a successful and busy Medal of Honor: Allied Assault league, it grew and incorporated Battlefield 2 and then Cod 4.


Following a reshuffle, the league concentrated on Cod4 as its main game, later to be distilled to the smaller, laid back league it is now.



All servers stream to PBBans - please read the anti cheat policy of this league before applying.

We are currently on a break for this league. We hope to be back as soon as time and circumstances allow.


In the meantime please direct any queries to



Enjoy 2015 and we hope to see you shortly.







We are playing a custom gametype league, with a relaxed format.


Having previously played on Openwarfare with gametypes such as assassination, team greed, hide and seek, and at one point, paintball, we are currently enjoying freezetag. Maybe this is because of our Moh:AA roots!


With all match servers owned by the league, there is no maintenance and no map uploads for clans to worry about. The lack of a fixed match regime means matches can be played in a friendly manner around existing commitments.